I went fishing for the first time to the rocky shore in Minami Tsurumi, Oita prefecture.Aso


● Fishing date: January 1th

● Location: Use Hayami Maru, rocky shore in Tsurumi, Oita Prefecture

● Tide: Mid tide (high tide: 11:38, low tide: 17:29)

● Water temperature: 16.1 ℃

● Weather: Sunny

● Fishing results: 8 fish (30 cm to 42 cm)

I went fishing for the first time to the rocky shore in Minami Tsurumi, Oita prefecture.

The first day of the three consecutive holidays,I wondered if there were a lot of rocky shores due to the bustle of fishing tackle shops along the way.

Tsurumi's rocky shore was not so crowded.We are lucky,To the Katahera fly on duty.

Three of our group go to the tip, and the other two go to the point near the ground.

At dawn,Thank you for successfully finishing last year's fishing trip,I prayed for the safety of this year's fishing and that I could catch some fish, and after offering Omiki,Start fishing.

I asked them to enter Hana, and II entered the point where the tip of the ship is in front.

The blend material on the day was G-MAX, Rocky shore master long cast,Based on this, lightly mix Grezero for visibility and slow subsidence.TsukeePRO is the main body, and it is used properly depending on the situation and the one sprinkled with the master long cast.A strategy to try adding pickles where the food has fallen.

During the rising tide, the tide is changing, butAs a whole, it is flowing to the north side with considerable momentum.While looking for a point where the tide will loosenAfter narrowing down the target points, the first fish in 2022 is about 35 cm long.It was on the skin of my upper lip.It seems that eating is astringent.

The tide changes, and it becomes a hit tide or a steep tide.While changing the position of the needle, float, and cushion stopper, and further changing the tsukee,I was fishing with a lot of fish, and I was satisfied with 14 fish until 8:XNUMX on the rod.

It is said that 50 overs were released the day before, so the rocky shore in the south of Oita prefecture,From now on, it feels like a cold gray production.