summer gure fishing shun

夏のグレ釣り shun
Location: Under Mifune Shrine, Kagoshima City
Date and time: April 9 (2: 12-00: 16)
Neap tide: high tide 10:38-low tide 16:40
Water temperature 29℃

While Typhoon No. 11 is approaching Okinawa, I challenged summer fishing in Kinko Bay, Kagoshima.
At high tide, the water depth is about 1 rod to 2 offshore.

Makie contains about half of "G-MAX", which adds coherence to "Grezero", which is great for long throws.
For the dipping bait, I used my standard "Namaiki-kun forpro" L size.

Since a typhoon was approaching, we started fishing in a strong headwind.

Float: 00, Road thread: No. 1.7, Harris: No. 1.7, Needle: Gray needle No. 6
, and put it in a shallow place in front of you with a full path mechanism.
The swell is strong, so it's hard to see the bite, and since there's no food left, I stick a float in the float and let it flow with a fixed 1 Hiro, and the float enters 24cm greget!
but the next one doesn't last
Attaching and removing gun balls, searching for deep shelves with semi-induction
I tried many things...
Every time I make a change, I can catch it, but it was a situation where the next one wouldn't last.
I was hoping for a big one on a deep ledge, but that wish didn't come true, and I was baptized by summer gray fishing...
As a result, I couldn't match the 24 pieces with a 6 cm head, but it was a good practice for the arrival of the season!

Grezero did a good job in the strong wind.
Personally, if you use less water and knead it thoroughly, it will be more resistant to long throws!
After all, gray fishing is fun! !
Why don't you go fishing for gray for practice in Akiiso?