Hata Akiiso from the Middle Ages of Wakayama

和歌山中紀の秋磯 秦

The local autumn festival has ended, so I went fishing for sharks on the beach in Nakaki, Wakayama Prefecture after a long absence.

On October XNUMXth (Saturday), the first boat departed around XNUMX o'clock in the morning, but there were many customers due to the calm weather, and I handed over the first choice offshore to other people, and I fished for the first time on a local shore. I took a seat.

I was aiming for a uniform grade, so XNUMX kg of raw krill and Hirokyu GMAXI mixed XNUMX bags and brought raw, processed and nerie as bait.

gray rod XNUMXmOne.No. XNUMX, XNUMX series LB with XNUMX road thread.No. XNUMX semi-suspension, float is used with No. XNUMX no gun.

Hari started with No. XNUMX-XNUMX.

I wonder if it's okay to not get any bait at the beginning of fishing?But by XNUMX:XNUMX in the evening, I had XNUMX pieces of XNUMX-XNUMX cm thick sea bream, black sea bream, sea bream, etc.