It was tough, fishing on the tail, full of sake

厳しいかった尾波瀬釣行 酒匂 満

On January 1nd, I went to Satao Hase, Minamiosumi-cho, avoiding the northeastern wind.
The day before, I was working until 23:XNUMX, so I decided to leave Kokubu and take a nap at the port.
Along the way, I was surprised by the alarm of the earthquake early warning in Hyuga-nada and at the same time worried about the tsunami.
The tsunami is unlikely to affect us, so we will aim for the port.
Last week, fishing was canceled due to the eruption of the Tonga submarine volcano, so I wonder if it's useless for two consecutive weeks?While thinking, I decided to drive a car and arrive at the port to take a nap.
I wake up to the sound of cars coming one after another before 6 am.
A few acquaintances came to the harbor, and when they were preparing for greetings, Captain Hiromaru Uegomori came and said, "The first ship, a small tamme." It seems that you can hand it over to Se.
Depart before 7 o'clock.Leave the harbor and head toward Tatemezaki.
Mr. Saki, who used to go fishing at night on board, also came and went to the reef in front of me.
After that, I took down several groups and safely went to a small reef.
The ship ran away after receiving advice from the captain, "Aim for the brink."
As for the sprinkling bait, I had prepared in advance Krill of Hirokyu, 2 squares of small scale blackfish, 2 bags of G Max, and 1 bag of Grezero, so all I had to do was add seawater.Tsukeesa prepared Sashiesa PRO M size.
Sprinkle the bait while making a gimmick.
Start fishing when you are ready.
Aiming at the brink, Konaga attacked with consecutive chans on the 2nd and 3rd throws, but it was released because it was about the sole of the foot.

After that, there was no reaction at all.There is no sign of Arakabu, Sannoji and Kuro, even though I aim while modifying the mechanism.
There were two strong hits, but the needle came off during the exchange.
Is it a striped jack with a blue-backed fish pull?I thought, but honesty for the third time.
It was a plump mackerel that safely put the running fish in the tamo.It's a pity, not a striped jack.

Here, put a rod and take a break for lunch.
After taking a break for about 15 minutes, I changed the mechanism.
Drop Harris from 1.75 to 1.5, change the needle to a small needle and start fishing.
Atari who pulled the rod came soon after the start, but soon after the exchange, Chimoto ran out.
I tried to raise Harris to No. 2 here, but there was no reaction from the sea and it was time for the rod to be delivered.
I washed away the fishing seats that had been polluted with sprinkled bait and boarded the boat that came to pick me up.
After returning to the port, I heard voices such as 0 to 2 black grunts, many large grunts caught, no atari all day, and about 10 Tsukeesa offshore ami in a tough day. bottom.
The captain said, "Maybe there was also the effect of the water temperature drop and the earthquake? 』\
I did it with.
I swore the next revenge for the pitiful fishing result and left the port.