Summer Shibudai new addition to Minamisatsu

南さつまで夏のシブダイ 新増

On August XNUMXth, I went to Noma Pond in Kasasa Town, Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture for night fishing alone.The aim is Shibudai of summer fishing.

Shibudai are said to be nocturnal and dislike is the age of the moon11On the XNUMXth, the moon will rise at XNUMX:XNUMX pm and the moon will set in the morning2Time.I know the conditions are tough, but I want to catch one somehow.At XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., the Fukumaru departs from the port of Ushirohama.I ran to the west for about XNUMX minutes, and the shore that the boatman let me raise was called Boramatsu.Since it is the first place, I go up to the hill and look over the whole place.It's a big beach, but it's full of beams, so the only fishing spot is the boat dock.Also, the scaffolding is narrow and slanted.

Raise your luggage to higher ground.Make makie for the first half.XNUMX bag of raw krill on the back, XNUMX angle of raw krill, XNUMX bag of fish attracting material for black sea bream with super heavy specific gravity and five colors of barley that stimulates vision, and XNUMX bag of black sea bream that has a strong smell and attracts fish downstream.1Mix the bags.Fill the water bucket with seawater and boil the krill1Add horns and soak them in seawater to make them sink.It is a strategy to attract fish by scattering these alternately.I plan to do the same for the second half.

When there is a lot of feeding, boiled krill and silver-striped round bait disappear in a few seconds.In such a case, you can rely on "Namaikikun Umi Shrimp".The hard shell protects them from getting prey.A bait with a small mouth cannot put a large sea shrimp in its mouth.

It hides even the tip of the large hook for night fishing.Recommended for night fishing.

The date changed to morning2Time.The moon, which had illuminated the sky until then, had set and turned into darkness.The tide turned to a more powerful current.Got a chance?rod3When I was concentrating on the light of the float that was flowing in the tide of Honoki, I entered with a scoon.When I put the rod upright and put it together, I got a strong pull that was incomparable with the fish I've ever had.Shibudai is a root fish that tends to stick to the bottom of the sea.I continued to forcibly wind the reel to let it do so.The fish floated on the sea surface after enduring several strong thrusts.When I turned on the light of the cap light and checked the fish, it was a Shibudai with a white spot on its waist. "Yah!" I scooped it up with the tamo and pulled it up onto the shore.When I measured it with a tape measure, it was XNUMX cm. "I'm going to catch the first Shibudai this season!"

Perhaps the tide had improved, and I was able to catch delicious red grouper and black spotted snapper in succession.However, the flow of the tide stopped and it became impossible to hit.At XNUMX:XNUMX a.m., I folded up the rod and washed away the makie on the beach.

As a result, Shibudai451and XNUMX black-spotted snapper, red grouper, fake snapper, sea carp, and aracub.

Next time, I would like to try fishing for Shibudai on a dark night with good conditions.