First fishing part 2 .. morizo

初釣り 第2部    ..morizo
It is a rainy day fishing line.

January 1 I went fishing to Akime in Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
By the way, the goal this time is to "exceed yesterday's fishing results".

Today is a fishing trip with an invitation from my seniors.
This time I got on "willow".
I got on the sea that I hate the most in Akime (laughs).
If this willow fishing seat is extremely high and it is a 5m tamo, it will not reach.
The scaffolding is narrow and it is quite nerve-wracking.

The beginning of fishing was calm like yesterday, but the wind and waves became tight from around 9 o'clock.

It was a terrible situation, but I managed to get fishing.
I used GMAX this time as well.
Since the fishing seat is high, it became a fishing that can reconfirm the visibility of this GMAX.
If you can clearly see where Makie is flowing even in strong winds, you can do something about it.
Not only can you see it, but it has a light density, so I think it has a big role to make the black float.

The activity of the fish was higher than yesterday, but all the Atari that seems to be a large tail length
It is regrettable that the fishing results are higher than I expected due to the disintegration (cutting of chimoto, high cutting, etc.).

I will also report when I go fishing.