First fishing part 1 .. morizo

初釣り 第1部    ..morizo
Happy new year.
Thank you again this year.

January 1 I went fishing for the first time in Bonotsu, Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
The place where I got on was "Hetahitose".

It was easy to fish without wind around 7 o'clock at the beginning of fishing.
The brassy chub for feeding was in a state of turbulence.
The wind started to come out around 9 o'clock, and the waves were swelling, and the conditions were no longer decent.

However, from that time on, I was able to catch black (tail length), although it was small and mixed with brassy chub.

In the foreground, the sarashi becomes tight, and if you make the gimmick heavy to fish under the sarashi, the brassy chub will eat.
Since I was using GMAX, it was a strong wind aiming at the offshore eyes, but when fishing with a light mechanism in mind
Kuro managed to eat it.
Try GMAX by all means!This visibility will be a strong ally.

I will go to various places again this year, so I will report when I go fishing.

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