First fishing .. Ichi

初釣り    ..いっちー
Kagoshima was also hit by snow, and the club tournament was canceled.
The first fishing was postponed, but
I was finally able to go fishing one day.

I asked Samurai Maru of Bonotsu and got on Ose.
I have a feeling that it will be difficult to fish in the midst of swelling and strong winds.

One bag of newly released G-MAX middle, one bag of seaweed power, and one krill corner are used as a guide for one day.
I decided to use raw Iki-kun M and hard type as Tsukeesa.
The hard type is solid and will dodge the bait and deliver it to the black layer.
The sprinkled bait was adjusted to be stiff so that it would not be affected by the wind even a little, so that it would not fall apart.

The tide flows to the left and flows a little faster, so I imagined that the gimmick was a little submerged and started fishing.
No matter how many throws you put in, you will get a return.It doesn't react even after a few hours.
When I entered the low tide and the sinking water in front of me appeared, I decided that I could not catch it,
Change from raw krill to raw Iki-kun, and peel off the head and shell to devise.
Unlike soft krill, raw krill is firm and hard to come off.
Then, the thread is suddenly pulled.It was the first black of 36 cm that I exchanged and put in Tamo.
As soon as I changed to raw Iki, I was surprised at this result.

When I was exploring the area around the sink, I was invited by the smell of seaweed and showed up.
Striped beakfish of the same size as black.
The effect of the fish collecting material is outstanding that the striped beakfish can be caught in this situation.
With these two pieces, it became a rod, and it seems that the power of G-MAX and seaweed gradually worked even in severe situations.
I never thought I could catch even a striped beakfish.
The effect of the fish collecting material and the bait was amazing, and I was able to realize the fishing again.