Gray fishing on the embankment in early autumn Kamikihara

初秋堤防でのグレ釣り 上木原
Although Kagoshima is a southern country, mornings and evenings are getting a little chilly.
On September 9rd, I went fishing with my juniors at Kogamizu fishing port in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima.

On this day, I slowly arrived at the site around 7 o'clock.
It was bright at this time, so I immediately started fishing.
This time, we will be competing in the morning with 1 krill and 2 bags of Grezero.

Tsukee prepares raw PRO L and raw Iki-kun half-boiled.

I can see gray from the morning.And it's huge!
When you put Makie in, you can see some individuals that enter Makie's muscles, although the reaction is slow.
but does not eat.I can't feed you.
The activity of the visible gray is low or the bait keeps getting hit.

However, even though it's bait, it's a so-called delightful heretic class that has a lot of fun.
The only fish that get in the way are the juveniles of black sea bream, red sea bream, sanbasou, and spotted snapper that you might want to consider taking home.
Parrotfish and Hibudai were also fish species that did not seem to be on the embankment.

It was around 11 o'clock, just before the end of fishing, while I couldn't quite hang up.
If you're sticking to aiming for light blue with a gray stick, you'll get a small bite that will hold your head about 10 cm!
I was able to catch a good 43cm gray that is rarely seen from the embankment when I put it in a cool and cool way.

Grezero, which makes it easy to produce the theme of gray fishing, "Makie and Tsukee Synchronization", is also the best for grays with shallow bites.

Even so, it was a good gray! ︎