Early summer tail length fishing shun

初夏の尾長釣り shun

Location: Bonotsucho, Minamisatsuma
Date and time: April 6 (30: 6-30: 15)
Spring tide: 7: 30-dry 14:00
Water temperature: 27 ℃

In Kushi, located in Minamisatsuma, Kagoshima Prefecture, I heard that a large Onaga is migrating every day, and I was taken care of by the ferry "Matsukaze".
The descending water is the first grade rocky shore"Tachigami no Hanare" Water depth is about 10m to 15m.
The tide passes well, and sinks are scattered everywhere.
It is a fishing spot with a dark fish shadow.

Makie is a strategy to get a cohesiveness, mix "G-MAX" with long-distance casting and "Half-life boil", and switch on the tail length. Since the grain of "Half-Winged Magpie" is relatively small, it can be used well for aiming at the tail length!
Two types of "Sashiesa pro, Boyle L size" and "Nama Iki-kun for pro, L size" are used as the main food for the tail length.

The tide is low in the morning, and the situation is getting faster and faster to the right.

When you look at the situation with Makie, you can see how the tail length and the brassy chub come out vigorously from the big sink about two rods ahead and eat food.

Set the gimmick to Doito No. 3 and G2 Uki's semi-floating gimmick (1 Hiro) to Harris No. 4 and Tail Long Needle No. 6 to start fishing.

Throw it at the tip of the sinking water, and when Makie and Tsukee are in sync, the tail length will hit.
It was a situation where brassy chub could be caught when it was out of Makie.
If you repeat it, you will suddenly have a strong Atari, and you will be disappointed.
There is a strong attack three times in a row, and the third time it is sticky without threading
"Pan! ] No. 1.7 rod has broken ...
After that, I changed to the No. 1.2 rod and continued, but the eating became worse.The time for large fish has ended.

When the tide starts to loosenThere is a reaction to the float, but the situation where the boil of Tsukee is released continues.
So, when I changed to my favorite "Nama Iki-kun for pro", the float disappeared from the first throw, and the mouth was thick (1 cm).I was able to catch it!

If you put it in the same way, the sole-sized tail length will hang in quick succession.

When the tide starts to flow to the left from the afternoonThe activity of the fish became stronger, and three large sharks appeared.
After that, the situation where the shark steals the tail length and the brassy chub continues ...
I managed to get the largest tail length today just before the rod was delivered.
By the way, I was lucky to get a striped bonito.

The first grade rocky shore is open at this time of year!
It ’s a fight against the heat,
How about taking measures against heat stroke and aiming for a huge tail length?