First fishing in Reiwa XNUMX years .. Bamboo yan

令和3年の初釣り    ..竹やん
At 1 o'clock on Saturday, January 30th, at the Sanpei Maru departing from Sasebo Ainoura Port, the home ground
I went fishing for the first time in Katashima.
I had a hard time getting the needle hooked.
I felt that the sudden drop in water temperature was echoing.
Therefore, rotate the bait diligently and
Just like Kuro eats even a little food
I used it by sprinkling GMAX on krill raw and mukimi.

The biggest black was on the shelf with one and a half rods after XNUMX:XNUMX.
For this day's sowing, use XNUMX bags of Krill XNUMX corners of Hirokyu, XNUMX bags of GMAX, and XNUMX bag of Grezero.
I used this in two parts.
We used XNUMXL of raw / raw Iki-kun twin pack Mukimi M and raw Iki-kun twin pack regular for feeding.
If you can't hit with krill, you can hit with Twin Pack Mukimi M, or if it's a light device.
I used 2B floats because there were times when the line was taken and there was no gimmick.
Although not shown in the photo, there are two other small tail lengths.