The last cold fishing of this year! !! .. Takeyan

今年最後の寒グロ釣り!!    ..竹やん
March XNUMXth, at Sanpei Maru, to Katashima, the home ground
I went to the last cold fishing this year.
Perhaps because the day before was a big cold wave, the bait remained on forever.
It was hard to hit, but after 10 o'clock when the low tide changed
Finally, I caught Atari and got Kuro.
It was 45.7 cm and weighed 1 kg.

For the sprinkling food, I used XNUMX bags of Krill XNUMX corners of Hirokyu, GMAX and XNUMX bag of Grezero.
Krill raw / Nama Iki-kun twin pack Mukimi M for feeding
I used XNUMXL of Nama Iki-kun twin pack regular.
I managed to catch one on the shelves with two rods from XNUMX Hiro, which is astringent to eat.It was a really tough day.