A little more until boarding ... I wonder ... .. morizo

乗っ込みまでもう少し…かな…    ..morizo
I went to Taniyama Port in Kagoshima City on March 3st.

Since it was a rain forecast from around noon, we will see how Chinu is getting in nearby.
That's it.

I started to put out the rod from around 8:30 and felt like I couldn't get any food for the first hour.
From 10 o'clock, you can catch 2 striped eel catfish, 2 striped eel catfish,
Around 11 o'clock when the feeling that fish were gathering came out, a 53 cm chinu hit!

At around 11:30, another 1 cm of black sea bream was killed and the rod was delivered when the rain started to begin in earnest.

I was able to catch a large black sea bream, so it may be time for the black sea bream to get in.