Fishing for the first time in a long time! !! .. Takeyan

久しぶりの釣行!!    ..竹やん
May XNUMX, at Sanpei Maru, to Katashima, the home ground
I was patient with Korona-ka, but it helped me to refrain from going out.
I poured enough into it and went fishing.
It's been a long time, so I was worried if I could catch black, but atari is astringent
I was able to catch a few fish up to XNUMX cm.

For sprinkling, use XNUMX krill of Hirokyu and XNUMX bags of GMAX.
I used one bag of Grezero.
Krill raw / Nama Iki-kun twin pack Mukimi M for feeding
I used XNUMXL of Nama Iki-kun twin pack regular.
I got a hit on the shelf of one and a half rods from XNUMX Hiro who was astringent to eat.
If you don't get a hit with krill, you can get a hit with Twin Pack Mukimi M
It was a fun day because I got some fishing results depending on my ingenuity.
Although not shown in the photo, XNUMX cm black and XNUMX cm red sea bream were also entangled.