Blend that matches unstable Tana .. Aso

不安定なタナにマッチするブレンド    ..麻生
Looking at the fishing result information of Hayami Maru, it seemed that I could still aim for cold weather, so
On March 2021, 3, I went to the rocky shore of Tsurumi, Oita prefecture by myself.
Departed after 4:XNUMX, dropped several groups around Oshima, and then headed to the peninsula side.
I had it down to the back of Katahera.

At this time, the water temperature drops, and I feel that eating Dana seems to be deep,
Somehow, on this day, Makie slowly went from the upper layer to the depths.
I wanted to make a slope.

That's why I decided to add Grezero to the blend material.
In order to intrigue the astringent fish, mix it with Ikki floating gray, and even more
G-MAX has an excellent balance of light and heavy particles.
This combination.After mixing these 3 bags well, I entwined them with krill.

According to the weather forecast on the day, the wind was going to settle, but the wind was stronger than expected and it was blowing.
The seawater was reduced and kneaded so as not to lose to the wind.

First, throw Makie at the brink and see how it sinks.As expected
G-MAX particles flutter down into the turbid slope of Grezero.

The tide is a fast hit tide that flows slightly to the left.Eventually it will flow to the brink, so
Hit a lot of Makie on the brink to make points.
After that, a few cups of Makie were thrown in for a long distance. After waiting for about 2 seconds
Put a gimmick just before the input point.
From there, 3 cups of chasing Makie.While winding up the gimmick, it will flow to the edge.

Since the fishing line remains, pour the gun ball G7 into Harris and pour it in the same way.
When the gimmick comes to the brink, set up the gimmick and wait, the reaction will be steadily.
Lightly put together, the long-awaited black. It's not 40 cm, but it's a good model.The belly is also fluffy.

After that, I changed the input point according to the flow of the tide, and it continued to pop and hit.
Depending on the tide, the eating tana varies from about 2 Hiro to about 2 rods.
I was really happy with today's blend.

Although it is Tsukee, it is better than "Ami-zuke Mukimi" which was the strongest in Oita.
I loved the Nama Iki-kun Gure, which was sprinkled with the master long distance.