Kamigoto Tsuwasaki area first fishing line .. Shingo Takeshita

上五島 津和崎エリア 初釣行    ..竹下 新悟
I went to Kamigoshimazu Wasaki for the first time on March 3-20 and 21 night 1 days.

Since it is the first fishing trip, it can be used in various places due to the weather.
Prioritizing high diffusivity, long-distance casting, and fish-collecting effect
This time, 3 bag of G-MAX for 2 kg of krill raw
I used 2/1 for Ikki Floating Gure SP and 2/1 for Domination Gure.

The rocky shore that went up was able to climb to the super-first-class Tanse, which boasts a huge track record,
I was a little worried about the fishing results due to the lack of information and prior information.
In actual fishing, such anxiety was blown away!
Hirokyu's fish collection material did a good job this time as well! !!