Chinu Tournament .. Ichi

チヌ大会    ..いっちー
This is a post after a long time.
I can't go fishing very much in the summer, and even in the fall, I'm not blessed with fishing results.
There was no material, but it was sponsored by a fishing tackle shop on November 11rd.
I participated in the Chinu fishing tournament with my friends.
At a fishing port where I caught 45 overs a few years ago for a cannonball tournament
I took a fishing seat.

Mix Chinu smoke screen and 2L of krill, and use raw Iki-kun 2L and M krill boil for feeding.
While there are several anglers, Atari who gets a float in the third throw
There are 40 beautiful chinu that floated.
When I thought this was a good idea, a female angler came in next to me and prepared it neatly.
I could raise nearly 50 chinu with a few throws, and I never thought I could raise it next to me.
Then I added two, but 2 was the best.
I didn't go to the top, but I realized that I still lacked my arms, and it was a fishing that I could reflect on.