Daiwa Gure Masters 2022 Kagoshima 1 Tournament

I participated in the Daiwa Gure Masters 3 Kagoshima 2022 Tournament held on Koshikishima for the first time in three years.

As a result of the lottery, I drew the number 4 and boarded the Choei Maru.
I got on Minokake No.1.

This time, I used 2 bag each of GMAX, Grezero, and Iso Master long throw for 1 angles of krill.
Tsukee used PRO Nama and Nama Iki-kun PRO L.

The competition starts at 7:00.
Fortunately, the float disappears from the first throw.
What came up was a giant reed that was about the size of the sole of my foot.Keep it for now.
Said it turns and turns.

At 7:30, I was able to easily arrange 35 pieces of gray from the sole to 5 cm.

However, I had a hard time breaking the 35cm wall from here.

It was a long throw strategy that found a way out.
Both GMAX and Grezero are originally capable of long throws, but by using Iso Master long throws, Makie's long throw performance has been further improved, and I was able to reliably attack distant points.
If you use raw krill, there is a problem with long-distance casting, but if you use Namaiki-kun PRO, there is no problem.

Continuing to cast far away, I made full use of Namaiki-kun PRO and succeeded in arranging 40 pieces at 5 over! ︎

Catch more than 12 grays by the end of the competition at 20:XNUMX! ︎

After returning to port, we were weighed and won 5rd place with 4520 pieces of 3g.

It was a day that was helped by the long-throw specification Makie and raw Iki-kun PRO.