Zudon!50cm Zudorn! .. Shuichi Hanado

ズドン!で50cmズドーン!    ..花堂修一
On April 4th, there was a black sea bream fishing tournament for my club.
Blessed with the weather, it was the best day for Chinu.

The blend material used this time is Zudon, which is a bottom attack!It is a black sea bream break without rawness and Hyper Chinu Z.
Add a corner of Okiami and knead well.
Bottom attack Zudon has abundant variations such as red barley, yellow barley, oyster gala, corn, and barley.
You can visually appeal and stop Chinu!
It has excellent long-distance castability and is suitable for offshore tides and points!You can fly the sprinkled food.

The tide didn't move much on that day, but I was able to catch a black sea bream in a single shot.
Thanks to you, I was able to get a maximum of 50.5 cm.
The result of the tournament was able to win the 2nd place, and Zudon attacked the bottom again!I felt the power of.