Good start for the Gure season!Anonymous Sekado

グレシーズン好スタート!無名瀬 花堂
In late November, I was taken care of by Mr. Matsukaze of Bonotsucho Kushi. I got on the first ship and went up to Naze near Tategami.I couldn't go fishing for a while because of my back pain, so I'm glad that I came to the rocky shore.
The captain advised me, "The water crew in the back is also interesting, I hope the tide will loosen," and I will start preparing immediately.
The Hirokyu blend material selected this time is a mixture of G-MAX 3kg, Grezero, and Oki Amisei 1 corner. G-MAX's fine red particles appeal like a slope, and by adding Grezero, diffusion and long-distance casting are further improved.You can also appeal to fish in deep Tana from the upper layer.Tsukee uses Prosashie M size and Ami-zuke Mukimi.
The mechanism is Michiito 1.75, Harris 1.75, 2 Hiro, Uki is Kizakura's D Flats 74P-J6, and the needle is Kinryu's game Gure No. 5.I attached Jintan No. 6 to the part directly connected to the line and Harris.First of all, aim with the full-thickness fishing method.
On this day, the northeastern wind was blowing strongly from beginning to end, so I decided to make it suitable for Tategami.The tide seems to be flowing to the right, being pulled by the strong tide of the water crew.I put a few cups of Makie in the sarashi at my feet and aimed at the tide when it was pulled off the coast.I was able to see Kuro's face for the first time in a long time and it was hot.I wondered if Makie was working even though I aimed at it in the same way, and the brassy chub and the baby Naga ate.
So I decided to aim at the place where the tide off the coast is changing.If you catch the same point, the brassy chub will come closer, so I tried to throw the point every time.Even if you cast Makie far away, Makie's visibility is perfect.Although there were many child Nagas, I was finally able to keep 30 cm.If you do this, the tide will flutter to the left and right ...
After the high tide, when I looked at the state of the water supply in the back, I moved to the water supply because the tide level was low and the rod seemed to be able to come out although the wind was strong.
Changed the gimmick from the full-thickness fishing method to a semi-guided gimmick with a float stop.The induction part was adjusted to the arrow pull to Harris 2 Hiro.When you sprinkle Makie at your feet, it flows to the right, throwing the gimmick to the left, the gimmick is familiar in front of the fishing seat, and the gimmick is flowed with the image of chasing Makie later.
Then, despite the first throw, I was able to catch a 1 cm thick mouth.I judged that the fish tana was suitable and tried to pour it in the same way, but the size was reduced, but I got a little less than 35 cm.A small fish for feeding came near my feet.
Hit Makie at your feet and delay the timing of the device introduction.Then, when Harris became familiar and the float stopper subsided slightly, the float disappeared into the sea in an instant, and although he hurriedly raised the rod and tried to set up the system, the body fluttered due to the strong wind, and the reel's line was pulled twice. Harris hits the water and runs out of Harris ...
The tide that was flowing to the right became loose and started to move slowly to the left.The number of feedings is increasing, and although the float reacts, it does not catch on the needle.I added Jintan No. 8 to the center of Harris and set the bottom of the float to 3 pillows to explore a little deeper than before. Tsukee remains in the first throw.Then, the second throw, there is no reaction to the float, so if you let it flow for a little longer, the float will come in and it will be the heaviest feeling today.It was a 1 cm onaga that did not increase by 2 cm and managed to put in a tamo while a strong wind was blowing.
After that, I was able to add several keep sizes.After that, I enjoyed fishing until after 15:XNUMX.
Thanks to G-MAX and Grezero, I was able to leave a result.I would like to fully enjoy the Gure season to see what kind of fish I can meet in the future.
Why don't you visit the rocky shore as well?