Night fishing in Ganise .. Bamboo yan

ガニ瀬の夜釣り    ..竹やん
From September 9th to 19th, I went fishing at night on the Mihira Maru to Ganise outside Sasebo Port.
It was extremely hot this year and tropical nights continued even in September, but this day has been cool for several days.On the contrary, Captain Oka of Sanpei Maru may get cold, so please prepare a long-sleeved jacket.It became cool enough to worry.
It should be noted that the storm surge warning was issued because the tide level was about 325 cm on this day.
However, I did not feel dangerous even after the high tide, and I was able to secure a fishing seat.

After dark, I caught a few grunts about 30 cm long, and around XNUMX o'clock after the high tide.
I killed a good black (there was 47 cm) and
As soon as the fishing spot, which I felt a little bright, became pitch black at around XNUMX am
At the same time as the chemi firefly sank at once, it became a rod atari
I ran at a stretch and made a big break that stuck to the roots.
Immediately after this, when I re-tied the needle to the same point and put it in, a similar rod attack came again.
This time, I could easily stop it, and I was able to catch red sea bream of about XNUMX cm.

I was able to catch grunt, but I couldn't catch one as I expected after a while.
I couldn't go fishing as many times as usual because of the Korona-ka, but it was the night fishing that I could finally do on that day.
No matter how old I was, I was absorbed in it, I was able to confront the big game, I was thrilled, and I felt that it was a good thing to catch.
However, I regret the barashi that seems to be a red sea bream, and I want to go to revenge immediately.