I wonder if it's even in the middle ... .. morizo

のっこみまでもうちょいかな…    ..morizo
Kagoshima seems to have been cursed by the weather on weekends these days.
March 3 I went fishing for black sea bream to Makurazaki fishing port in the rain.

Until the spring performance, it is called Sankan Shion, but for some reason the timing of "cold" is
I keep wearing it on weekends (laughs)
When the water temperature drops, the activity decreases and eating becomes worse.
There were many times when food always remained.

Today's Makie is 2 bags of "raw pupa black sea bream" and 1 bag of "chinuten" and 2 krill.
Tsukee prepared a series of krill that eats raw black sea bream.

It's good to start fishing, but there is almost no change and only time is a prank
One scorpion fish was caught 4 hours after the start of fishing (laughs)

While enduring the rain, it sticks and changes from before the high tide to Tsukee ...
I came back in a way that the krill was crushed three times in a row, so I released the gun ball that was hitting Chimoto.
When you sunk and explore the same place while crawl and imagine the shape that floats naturally, you will feel a shock!

I managed to get rid of the only Chinu 45.5 cm on that day.

When I got home and checked the inside of my stomach, there was nothing in it that surprised me.
Chinu is also a raw pupa while the water temperature is falling and eating is falling.
Maybe I couldn't win.

Even so, the advantage of a rainy day is the ease of cleaning.
I was able to clean the fishing spot in a few minutes.

In order to protect your important fishing spot, take your garbage home and clean the fishing spot.