Super blend conquer red sea bream

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Familiar with krill and boil, coarse particles slowly settle in the turbidity of differentiation, and pellets and heavy components give a quick effect to red sea bream tana.
In addition, the new formulation of Big Kirari reflects the light in the sea to give it a pearly shine, and it also contains ingredients such as shrimp, crab, squid, and fishmeal, so you can expect a wide range of visual effects. increase.
Great for future night fishing.

Contents: Approximately 2.0kg

Category: Combined food

size : -

Target fish: Red sea bream

Main raw materials: shrimp powder, squid powder, crabgrass, etc.

It is well-familiar with krill and boil and can be used from the upper layer to the lower layer.
Blend of shrimp, crab and squid