Leisure Fishing September 2016 Issue "Let's Challenge! Get Many Fish Species with Micro Tenya"

In response to this mission, I chose the fishing spot in Ainan Town, Ehime Prefecture, where there are abundant fish species and the shadow of the fish is deep, in order to produce as many fish species as possible in a short time.I decided to run and gun Kura from Fukaura.

First of all, we will start from the old moon and aim for the gray floating around the shore by combining 0.5g of "insect head" with "jigbait".Microtenya is basically aimed at the bottom, but if you use a light jig head, you can also target fish in the shallow to middle layers.Gure is just right.

Explanation of how to fish this time

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After this, overtime.At the timing when the tide starts to move, catch the gray that can be said to be a good type at the shore over 30 cm!I pulled it well.that?I didn't think there was a horse mackerel that I thought was hard, so I searched for it, but it didn't fire on that day.There is also such a thing.

* 1 This time, we used two Egging tackles (see the gimmick drawing for the other).It is the best in terms of power when targeting Areolate groupers etc.